Martha Stewart planning MySpace killer

Woman power will soon triumph with Martha Stewart in the lead. She plans to tread on the path laid down by MySpace action, planning an online social interactive network, especially for women. A good place for budding camaraderie and sharing recipes, photographs, scrapbooks, etc. They can also discuss projects with each other and that’s not all, they will have views and suggestions from home design and lifestyle gurus too. Sounds like a cool stress-buster too. This super networking program is slated for launch anytime in the second half of 2007 (hope you can wait that long).

Martha Stewart CEO Susan Lyne explained at a financial conference in New York yesterday that adult women have no equivalent of MySpace or Friendster, which appeal strongly to teenagers and young adults. All women will now have a new gig for recreation. Ladies, let down your hair and get geared!

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