The queen is getting the ‘Rolls-Royce of golf carts’ – A $85,000 buggy will solve the royal’s mobility problems.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, is the coolest monarch ever, is no secret. The 95-year-old proves it by proudly wearing a $10 nail polish, saving wrapping paper, and recycling bedsheets. She was spotted zipping around in a gizmo-packed golf buggy as she battled stiffness in her legs. Walking around with a stick is for ordinary nonagenarians. The Queen has found a solution in an $82,000 four-seater Buggy equipped with all-weather covers, brown-leather seats, a fridge, and a 10.1 inches tablet-style tablet infotainment screen. Her darling corgis got a quick tour around the Windsor Castle grounds alongside her Majesty.

Via Instagram / @theroyalfamily

The Queen-mobile, as it’s called now, is a 43mph electric cart made by renowned Danish manufacturer Garia. As part of a ‘tie-up’ with Mercedes-Benz, the speedy battery-fuelled four-wheeler has a range of 50 miles before it needs recharging. Among other snazzy features of the Rolls-Royce of buggies are headlights, 14 in alloy wheels, a lockable boot, a heated windscreen, cupholders, drive mode selection, and Bluetooth speakers. According to The Sun, a Windsor Castle source, said: “The cart arrived in the last fortnight. She and her aides have already used it. “Last week, she took the dogs out in it for a tour around the private grounds. Her Majesty is struggling with stiffness in her legs, so the cart is a perfect solution to getting her around. She’s been through a lot of physical battles recently with Covid and her back sprain, which would take its toll on anyone — let alone someone who turns 96 next month.”

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I thought the 24K Gold Nintendo Wii once belonging to Queen Elizabeth was her coolest possession; however, the Queen mobile is here to give a run to even the Batmobile.

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