Tamara Ecclestone introduces Show, her own range of hair grooming products

Tamara Ecclestone is definitely a pretty sight but the British heiress sure has unnaturally gorgeous glossy locks hair worth a million bucks. After two years of research and marketing, the socialite offers people a chance to get that bouncy big look with her new hair styling range, Show. A restless Tamara who was spotted a couple of weeks ago looking at Walt Disney’s Mansion cannot seem to enjoy her already accumulated wealth as she got together a famous team of big names from New York to London to create Show’s first line, putting an enormous effort and heart into the bejeweled packaged products.

With names like Scott Harvey-Nicholls on board in the brand creation, it seems natural for the price of a bottle of dry shampoo to be £35 ($55).

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It surely makes you wonder what is inside the bottle. Her product range includes a holding spray, thermal protector, and hair perfume, among other products. This is just the first lineup; we certainly look forward to more products to show on the shelf.

[Via – Telegraph]

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