Goldstriker and Lee J Rowland create the 24ct Watch Table

Goldstriker when not melting gold and showering diamonds over mobile phones and iPods makes tables along with known UK based designer Lee J Rowland. The watch table has been precision engineered in steel, glass, acrylic and flock lining for the draw interiors .The finish on the model (pictured) commissioned and overseen by goldstriker is struck with 24ct gold. The watch face accommodates a programmable red L.E.D clock which displays time, date seconds, temperature or can be programmed to read messages or words of owners choice upto 8 characters long. The functionality of the table is enhanced by in built soft touch open utility drawers which are slim enough to retract discreetly into the slender 50mm thick table top.

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Like a luxury car it is custom built as per the client’s specifications however the fundamental design and function of the watch table. Although I would be really cool to have a gold coated Surface display for the the VIP rooms at Vegas Casinos. Pricing is not known for now.
Via – Goldstriker

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