Balenciaga has launched an astronomical NASA-Inspired apparel line that includes scarves, t-shirts and even $5,000 jackets that make you look like an astronaut

NASA does more collaborations with Earthlings than you can think of. The world of fashion has always looked beyond the atmosphere at the International Space Station for inspiration and nearly always came out a winner. NASA is so concerned about the clothes of their many astronauts they actually partnered with Tide to make space-friendly cleaning solutions. This time Balenciaga has churned out some NASA-marked wares that were first spotted in the luxury brand’s utopian video game Afterworld: Age of Tomorrow built to showcase its Fall 2021 collection. NASA is quite the hot commodity in pop culture and this latest offering taps the pop-culture favorite by revamping traditional astronaut wear in the form of jackets, graphic tees, bags, and even socks with the NASA logo. The collection, set in 2031 and inspired by space travel tools features NASA logos from “disparate eras suggesting retro astronaut wear from a time before mass space travel, repurposed into futuristic outwear.”

pieces that stand out in the interstellar collection are a large Space backpack, ripstop Space Parka resembling a spacesuit, and a silver Chevalier 110MM Bootie. The collection also includes funky accessories such as cyberpunk metal sunglasses in blue aluminum, baseball caps with sewn space patches on the front and sides, engraved hook keyrings, NASA logo socks, and silk logo scarves. This collection is priced between $150 to $5050 and will be available for purchase at select Balenciaga stores and online.

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[Available at Balenciaga]

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