Chanel debuts a set of 4 cutesy perfume pencils

Our excitement levels are on an all-time high today! We come across a lot of fancy products on a daily basis but there’s something about Chanel’s Chance perfume pencils that seems path-breaking and new. Travel-size rollers have been around for a while, but these are not only going to make you smell amazing they look utterly adorable. The petite fragrance-givers are perfect for a discreet top-up at any time of the day. These cutesy pencils come in a pack of 4 lined up together like actual pencils but serving an entirely different and fragrant purpose. These 4 scents are varying from each other and cater to completely different moods which means you have all bases covered at all times. Right from the mysticism of Chance, the enthusiasm of Eau Fraîche, the mellowness of Eau Tendre or the boost of Eau Vive, you are going to have it all with the simple stroke of a pencil.

The design of Chanel’s perfume pencils is very utilitarian as it is dainty. It comes with a soft, retractable nib allowing for a very soft application on the skin. The set of 4 perfume pencils by Chanel will be available from January 9, 2020. It will sell for Eur 75 ($83).


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