Burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese designs lingerie line for Bloomingdale’s

Dita Von Teese is up to teasing yet again, only this time, it’s in leopard print and Chantilly lace for Bloomingdale’s. The buxom Burlesque performer can be seen posing in, shall I say, Her Sexellency? Never mind the name of this one, an entire line of lingerie will be available soon all thanks to the star’s collaboration with Bloomingdales.

After making a splash with the ‘Swarovski Martini’ (no pun intended), the femme fatale has gone as fashionably far as to create groups amongst her first premium lingerie line for the US market. Needless to say, her vintage-dominated influences are evident in each. However, the Thirties, Forties and Fifties are among the most notable, divided between a Parisienne group featuring ultra feminine pieces, a group that features several leopard printed pieces and other groups with suggestive names like Savoir Faire, Her Sexellency, Sheer Witchery and Man Catcher.

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“I’m trying to change women’s lives and their point of view about lingerie because the lines of what’s sexy and what’s not sexy have been blurred…. Why would a woman wait for a special occasion to wear her nicest things? I want to give women accessible glamour with my lingerie collection,” expresses the raven-haired icon. We couldn’t agree more. Nor could we wait for her lingerie collection that arrives in Bloomingdale’s stores starting March 15, sadly not in time for V-Day. Prices range between $65 and $100 for bras, $25 to $55 for panties and as much as $400 for a full slip that doubles as a dress.

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