Is this Louis Vuitton’s most expensive handbag?

We’re all used to seeing Birkins that grab headlines thanks to their extravagant embellishments and exorbitant prices, but now Louis Vuitton might be stealing some of the limelight thanks to their new City Steamer MM bag. Created from Alligator skin with gold tone hardware and a calfskin lining, the bag is priced at a startling $55,500. Previously the brand’s most expensive leather offering was the Dora PM which came with a heavy $50,000 price tag.

What’s so special about LV’s priciest offering? Visually? Nothing much. It is certainly more elegant than the Dora, but the apart from the croc skin exterior, there’s not much to look at. The brand has given us several more beautiful and infinitely more affordable offerings in the past. Certainly the City Steamer in croc is attractive, but not enough to justify the price especially when you recall that the calfskin variants of the same bag are priced at just $3,850.

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LV may be looking to amp up their brand value the way Hermès has thanks to their famous Birkin. We’re not sure that exotic skins alone are worthy of a price inflation as steep as this, however there will certainly be some Louis Vuitton brand loyalists out there who will disagree. After all, if Hermès could get away with selling their fans a mystery box then anything is possible in the world of luxury fashion!

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