Italian athletes will wear Armani to the 2018 Olympics!

Giorgio Armani is making the Italian Olympic contingent a little more stylish this year. The designer recently unveiled the EA7 Emporio Armani collection which features the uniforms created for the Paralympic and Olympic teams representing Italy. Armani had first designed Olympic uniforms back in 2012.

For the Winter games taking place next year, the team’s uniforms will include a technical-fabric ski tracksuit and mantle; a long down coat; a jumper; a polo fleece shirt, and cotton pants. The midnight blue outfits will include details in the colors of the Italian flag (green, white and red).

The first verse of the Italian national anthem will be printed in gold inside jackets and sweatshirts and on a blue band under the collar of polo shirts. Kits will include accessories like waterproof, anti-slip shoes in high and low top versions, a luggage trolley, a gym bag, gloves and a hat.


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