Louis Vuitton has unveiled an ultra-chic collection of women’s shoes exclusively for India. It signifies all things festive, flamboyant and fabulous

Louis Vuitton is going festive with India and its celebrations. They have launched India-exclusive shoes that scream celebration with a burst of color. The most striking of them all is the regal magenta, also known as Rani Pink, inspired by the country’s royal significance and spirit of celebrations. The hue is synonymous with India, witnessed in the Royals of Rajasthan, the intricate jewelry, architecture, décor, and traditional textiles. The metallic golden hue has established itself as a symbol of prosperity and luck, both of which are considered paramount in Indian festivities.

The chic noir versions in technical satin come embellished in strass, along with glamorous renditions in doré. The stunning magenta v-shaped block heels flaunt Maison’s initials, but our heart belongs to the ultra-chic slingback straps that read ‘Louis Vuitton. The collection is completed with sophisticated pieces such as the Shake block heels, Revival mules, Time Out sneakers, and LV Archlight slingback pumps. The delightful array of festive footwear will forever change the perception of style by shifting the focus of fashion from feet up.

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With the limited edition LV pumps on your feet, the world will love to see you tap those firecracker feet. Grab pieces of this dazzling collection e in stores.

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