Style goes sustainable as Louis Vuitton debuts its first-ever vegan sneaker that are made from corn

Earlier this year, Gucci upgraded the luxury market to environmentally friendly practices by inventing an all-new revolutionary material called Demetra that combines quality, softness, durability, and scalability without harming the planet. Following suit is Louis Vuitton, with its first eco-designed sneaker made with corn. With the new Charlie sneakers, we are introduced to a material called Biopolioli, a corn-based plastic used to create this basic yet striking unisex design. That’s not all; the soles are composed of at least 94 percent recycled rubber; the laces, too, are made entirely from recycled fibers.

The French luxury brand is taking its role in environmental conservation very seriously. The sneakers’ box is also made from completely recycled cardboard and becomes a bag with a handle. Refurbished, recycled, repurposed, Louis Vuitton hasn’t left any stone unturned with the Charlie sneakers. Charlie sneaker is manufactured in the Louis Vuitton workshop in Fiesso d’Artico, Italy. The shoes are offered in a single colorway, white with black and grey accents in low and high-top versions, but now that they are treading on the path of sustainability, it is only a matter of time that style will follow.

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Several luxury brands are making the transition to sustainability. Hugo Boss had won some serious brownie points by crafting its first suit without any animal products. Stella McCartney and Adidas also collaborated on the vegan Stan Smith sneakers back in 2019. The Charlie sneakers are valued at $1,080 for the low-tops and $1,130 for the high-tops. These gorgeous sneakers are available in Louis Vuitton stores worldwide and are also available online.

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