Louis Vuitton pays ode to the modest backpack with a glamorous and gigantic $10,000 version

Our topic of conversation here is the humble backpack. If you ask me personally, it is now catering to an audience well beyond the helms of teenagers. The carry-on bag is now well-accepted as a product defining style and comfort, all in one product.

If you have scoured a Louis Vuitton showroom recently, your eyes would have definitely fallen on the Louis Vuitton Fall 2019 line which features a mammoth backpack.

Priced at a monstrous sum of USD 10,000 (yes, it’s true), the backpack – crafted from grey fleece- bears a resemblance to LV’s Fall 2019’s collection of bulky outerwear and beefy sneakers. Of course, Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram pattern finds itself on the piece of luggage, lending a classy and extravagant vibe to the backpack.

Brimming with an array of pockets and heavy-duty silver LV logo straps, the backpack also entails adjustable pinhole snaps that ensure that the pack maintains sturdy closure.

To own an accessory from LV’s Fall 2019 line is almost mandatory and hence we have an alternative for you in case the five-figure sum has you startled; the Louis Vuitton Jenga set at $2,000 USD. Designed with deep red, blue and transparent rectangular blocks, the Louis Vuitton Jenga set features a transparent carrying case and shows off a monogram etched on the rear of each block and the LV logo on the front. The case’s leather strap completes the premium motif.


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