Prada Group’s CarShoe marks Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary with a special moccasin

The raging bull brand – Lamborghini is at its second last day to the completion of its Grand Giro Tour that kick-started with a vengeance with 350 Lambos roaring down the roads of Italy. CarShoe, a subsidiary company from the Prada Group joining in the celebration, collaborating with the legendary supercar brand to launch a new driving shoe! Now we know we aren’t talking about just luxury. It’s uber-luxury that we are dealing with. The 50th Anniversary Celebration of Lamborghini is traveling heights, and we intend to know every bit of the juicy details that come our way, and that includes collaborations!

Almost resembling the shape of the Lamborghini, the driving shoe by CarShoe is stunning, and comes in three interesting colors – the standard black, a navy blue shade and bright orange!

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The Lamborghini and CarShoe branding has been strategically placed and is clearly visible. The limited-edition moccasin features a metal logo of the 50th anniversary on the lace, and the Lamborghini shield is enameled on the back and printed on the insole.

The high-end, alligator-kind soft leather used is quite a stand-out along with the soft leather studs the shoe sports, which starts ascend right from the behind.

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All in all, the driving shoe from CarShoe for Lamborghini is a lofty piece of handicraft, and we love the look and feel of it. Way to go, CarShoe!

CarShoe is an innovator and specialist in making shoes that fit professional racers/drivers.






[Via – Lamborghini]

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