With air-travel still a dream – Rimowa debuts ‘Never Still’ as their first non-travel-based collection

Rimowa, a high-quality luggage manufacturer that’s been around for more than 120 years knows the world is at its stationary best and plans to remain so till coronavirus permanently takes refuge in the ‘departure’ section. It doesn’t come as a surprise that they are diverging from crafting lush suitcases to functional-yet-fancy travel accessories like Rimowa’s new travel watch case or even more recently the ‘Never Still’ collection. Targeted at a younger and more restless consumer, Rimowa’s unisex collection comes in five diverse styles, featuring four bags that are made for all our needs right from a daily commute, to staycations or a casual night on the town. The Rimowa Never Still collection gets us everything from simple totes to weekend duffle bags, and large, medium, and small backpacks made from tough water-repellent canvas and smooth soft-touch full-grain leather rendering the right protection for goods inside. The Never Still Tote is crafted with tailor-made interior pockets to fit essentials like 15” laptops and mobile phones. Alexandre Arnault, CEO of Rimowa says, “We’re excited to enter this new chapter in our brand’s history with the launch of the Rimowa Never Still collection. As we have many times over the last 120 years, this new Rimowa product category continues our long legacy of innovation in travel and mobility. Drawing on our rich design and pioneering savoir-faire, we’re building tools that emphasize both functionality and longevity for travelers today”.

The Rimowa Never Still bags come in an array of striking colors such as black, gray, cactus, desert rose, and saffron capable of housing all your daily essentials and gadgets too. The new collection will be available from select boutiques and the brand’s online store in January 2021.

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