Extreme Spa from Coast Spas – a home theater hot tub for $20,000

Owning a hot tub is not only a way to relax, but also implies sophistication and an eye for the good things in life. Hot tubs come in all sorts of styles and sizes, and can even be specially made to meet a particular need. Thanks to Coast Spas, dedication to innovative design and advanced construction, stepping into a hot tub from Coast means transporting yourself miles away from your everyday cares and into a world of relaxation and comfort. The Extreme Spa model from them is just what you’d want to throw yourself into at the end of an exhausting day. Big enough to seat 8 of you all, it is the best of its home theater series. This ultimate Extreme Spa comes with an optional 17-inch LCD television screen, Extreme Sony Sound System, AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo, and DVD Player. Feel the home theater while soaking.

Equipped with Fiber Optics or LED lighting in the headrests, it also is supplied with full foam insulation, LED underwater light, stainless steel jets, stainless steel kick plate, BOSS controls, towel warmer, thermally insulated cover, corona discharge ozonator, crystal clear mixing tube and AquaFinesse spa watercare kit. It can fill 480 US gal (1824 L) of water plus it will unfill your wallets by $16,000.

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