Iconic Elsa Peretti Bone Cuffs reimagined in dynamic hues as Tiffany & Co commemorates her 80th birthday

Anything worn in the ’70s is stylish and revered in fashion circles. Such was the impact of one of the most stylish decades in fashion history. Names like Elsa Peretti, Liza Minnelli, Catherine Deneuve, and Margot Robbie, all had style in common and they also shared a love for Tiffany’s bone cuffs that were rocked by Elsa Peretti back then. To mark her 80th birthday Tiffany & Co is launching a new rendition of her Bone cuff. Today, the simple and stylish jewelry piece will be made available in a special edition collection reimagined 50 years later in vibrant red, blue and green finishes over copper for Elsa’s love for colors. The iconic Bone cuffs were first conceived by Peretti in the 1970s, in the early days of her jewelry design career. She intended them to be worn as pairs probably like Egyptian royalty who wore similar cuffs in precious metals. Even today the Bone cuff’s sublime beauty and sensuous contours become one with the body making a style statement that is truly eternal and not one to fade with time.

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It gives its wearers and admirers the message that simple can be beautiful too. The Bone cuff by Peretti stands out even without the flourishes, dazzle and stones. As Peretti once said, “Style is to be simple,” The bone cuff bracelets are made in copper with several colored finishes like red, blue, green and are also available in sterling silver and 18k gold in a variety of sizes to conform to the left and right wrists. Elsa Peretti’s Small Bone Cuff bracelets sell for $475 in bright hues on Tiffany & Co. official website.

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