Four Seasons will take you around the world in 24 days in a private jet for $143,000

The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts have added a new private jet tour to their offerings for 2019. This adventure allows you to explore 9 destinations over 24 days from October 23 to November 15, 2019. This trip is spread across a range of distinct destinations, each with its own flavor that’s completely different from the previous one. Guests will travel to Seattle, Kyoto, Bali, Seychelles, Rwanda, Marrakech, Bogota, the Galapagos Islands, and Miami on this trip.

The activities on offer are a mix of everything, from exploration and adventure to more cultural and urban expeditions. You can enjoy a seaplane ride in Seattle or visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kyoto. You can go white water rafting in Bali, dive and Snorkel in the Seychelles or get a rare look at the endangered mountain gorillas of the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda. Check out the YSL Museum in Marrakech or learn to salsa dance in Bogota. There are activities for every kind of traveler and an opportunity to experience Four Seasons hospitality across borders.

You’ll travel from one destination to the other in a custom fitted Boeing 757 which boasts flatbed seats. A Four Seasons executive chef will provide five star meals even at 40,000 feet while an onboard concierge will ensure that any personal requirements are met at the next destination. The Four Seasons World of Adventures journey will cost USD 143,000 per person (based on double occupancy).

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