Hansacanyon illuminated water faucets

This water is too hot! This water is too cold! This water is just right! No longer will you need to consider yourself mulling over these (Goldilocks) quotes. One more LED’s fascinating feature that brings art and unexpected to modern home decor – the ability to change color with changing temperature! Germany’s Hansa has created the ‘Hansacanyon’, adding LEDs that change color as a function of water temperature so you can see when it’s hot or cold. Precise temperature control, for sinks, baths and showers is also a feature on this futuristic faucet.

Hansa’s line of faucets uses embedded LEDs and presumably some kind of internal thermometer. The magenta glow offers a visual cue that the water’s too hot before you scald your skin. The color of the light correlates to the temperature of the water: blue being coldest, red being hottest, and lavender being somewhere in between. Aside from the fun factor, there’s the safety component that is very useful for households with kids.

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