24kt Gold Blackberry 8900 Curve for today’s King Midas

Blackberry is shaking off its stern image by showing up in glam forms time and again. If the Pink Blackberry Bold was too girlie and the diamond studded Blackberry Bold in white gold was lacking yellow luster then watch out for the 24kt Gold Blackberry 8900 Curve. Folks at Computer Choppers have officially unveiled their 24kt Gold Blackberry lineup – the 8900 Curve. Customized to individual tastes, this Midas-touched Blackberry can be ordered with optional black or gold keyboard. For $1000 and more, the gold- plating comes with a protective clear coat for everyday use. The makers are also open to festooning it with diamonds or giving it an alternative finish. Mr. Obama, care to order one for the first lady?

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