Bose Computer MusicMonitors for acoustic pleasure on your desk

A new of speakers for your desk……is that what you are thinking of while working? Hmmm, I could read through your mind! Here’s the new Computer MusicMonitors from Bose. And since it’s from Bose, it ought to be the best. The key to the roughly 5-inch-by-2-inch speakers is what Bose calls “dual internal opposing passive radiators.” The speakers include a pair of speakers, a remote control, and a jack to connect the speakers to desktop or laptop computers, or digital music players like Apple’s iPod. Want to learn more about the breakthrough technology then roll over……

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Conventional speakers typically feature one large radiator. Each of the new Bose speakers has two smaller radiators, in addition to a larger loudspeaker at the front of the unit. With the radiators opposite one another inside the back of the speakers, the vibrations created by one work in opposition to those created by the other and cancel each other out. Without the opposing forces, such small speakers might creep along, propelled by the force of the powerful vibrations.
For now, the technology is incorporated only in the Computer MusicMonitor, Bose’s attempt to gain a piece of the expanding market to use home computers for digital song downloads. You can get them from 4th October to $400.
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