A Hi-Fi speaker that is made from concrete

It’s not unknown for Avant-garde designers to use some of the most unorthodox materials for their creations to make a bold statement. However, concrete doesn’t come across as a practical material for a speaker for so many different reasons. Despite that, renowned architect Sir David Adjaye OBE and New York City-based audio company Master & Dynamic collaborated to create a gorgeous looking wireless speaker made out of concrete. Dubbed the MA770, it took two years in the making and the company developed a proprietary concrete composite, which it says provides increased damping and lower resonance.

“The dampening properties are so high that the speaker can play at full volume without causing a record to skip or the table and floor to vibrate,” the company’s website states. Once the proprietary material was made, M&D tapped architect David Adjaye to craft the speaker’s angular shape. Through his design for the MA770, Adjaye wanted to create a form that would “redefine the home speaker”. The wireless speaker can be used as a single stereo unit or paired with another speaker via Wi-Fi. It also utilizes Google’s digital media streaming software Chromecast – making it the first ever speaker to feature this technology for stereo pairing. The MA770 is available to pre-order online now for $1,800 USD.

[Via – Dezeen]

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