BYB Balance Cell Phone – A concept to look out for

You have seen luxury phones and you have seen smartphones but you wouldn’t have imagined it to be united together and satisfy our technological senses. I think this is a winner of a concept I can barely wait for this to happen. It’s like a boon to gizmo freaks. The exclusivity and the effortlessness of the two different phones are found in one due to the efforts of the people behind the BYB Balance Cell Phone concept. It may come in titanium or stainless steel with a mechanism (a shell-slide solution) that will impart distinctiveness to the phone, while its features will be able to satisfy the most exigent and insatiable business requirements. With touchscreens comes the problem of storage cause most of the time you end up sitting and the touch screens in the pockets set to purpose but with The 45 x 73.5 x 10.25 mm concept which combines the advantages of shell- and slider phones this is no more a problem as when placed inside a pocket, the phone’s two inner touch-sensitive screens are protected. Flipped over, however, the advantages of the slider can be fully made use of, while in desk stand mode, the phone can be used as a clock or a digital photo frame, without the aid of a separate stand. Now that’s what a call great thinking coupled with utility! And if you also don’t dig the touch screens and find it a little difficult to handle there is nothing to worry about as this phone can be used in multiple ways. Either via the touchscreen displays (main – 2.8 inch, 400 x 240 pixel, 262K TFT) or with the help of the buttons located around them. Furthermore, the MindPad – first introduced on account of the BYB MulTicket – allows the user to draw characters and symbols using simply his/her finger, which is then interpreted by the device, thus allowing for rapid and simple input.

The phone is GSM/3G/HSDPA compatible, with WiFi, BT 2.0 and GPS connectivity and can boast of a 5.1 MP camera on the back with auto focus, 2x optical zoom, QuadLED assist light, concealed by an active optical safer. Hats off to designer Bence Bogar for this splendid concept!


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