Escient Vision VX-600 Media Server

By definition, a media server is a device that simply stores and shares media. But the Escient Vision VX-600 Media Server packs much more than that. This digital media storage unit and organizer sports four 1TB drives in a RAID 5 configuration and provides unlimited storage expansion for Vision™ VS and VC devices. In simpler words, it is roomy enough to hold about 600 films as well as all of your music and photo files.

An extremely intuitive and simple user interface has been developed with the ability to search your media files in almost any way possible. Films, for example, can be browsed by title, genre, actor, director, rating, cover shot, and more. The VX-600 provides advanced early detection monitoring systems for reliable installations in any networked home. For $5,550, you can get this installed in your home too.

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