Harley-Davison-turned-hearse makes for a fantastic last journey

Dying isn’t really that bad a life-event after all. It releases you from the troubles of life and let’s you rest in a Rolls Royce, the most expensive funeral car, before being buried. Also you could very well be carted away to be put to rest on a Harley Davidson! Making last journeys more fun filled than those solemnly slow and docile yet somewhat melancholic hearses, this Harley-Davidson Hearse was prototyped by 48-year-old Joerg Grossmann and is in essence a Harley with a hearse-side-car. Each priced at $78,000, currently 10 of these are being put together and Grossmann seems pleased with the fact that his idea now enables people to have a thumpy ride to their graves.

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Estimated cost of booking for such a hearse in Germany is Euro 1,200 ($1,600) each. And that’s not all. We also came across this Harley Davidson Road King-turned hearse with an extra set of wheels to balance out that seems to be a grand way to commute on your last earthly journey, sporting all the chrome and black-finishes you’d expect from a hearse!
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