Hypebeast’s are going to love the Supreme Burner Phone

The word ‘Supreme’ means, highest in rank or authority. So it should come as no surprise when the very famous brand ‘Supreme’ places its products on a pedestal of sorts. For Supreme fans, the good news is its fall/winter 2019 catalog is out and has every expected weird accessory like voodoo dolls, table tennis sets, champagne flutes, gold-plated dumbbells and the purpose of this post-Supreme-branded burner phone manufactured by Blu. Wondering what’s in store? Apparently, this phone is budget-friendly, a fact that’s hard to fathom considering they sold a brick for $30 USD. The branded, feature phone which features the Supreme logo in red or black flavors, and is part of a range of branded accessories doesn’t show the presence of a price tag just yet. In terms of the specifications of the Burner Phone, it is 3G-only and has a 2.4″ screen, a VGA camera and 128MB of RAM, with Supreme throwing in a 16GB memory card. This is yet another example of a futile device that’s going to sell out! All said and done, that’s fun to watch.

The new collection is expected to launch on August 22nd at Supreme’s New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris stores.


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