iPhone 5 Astronomical Telescope turns your beloved phone into the ultimate star gazing tool

If you have ever tried taking a picture of the moon with you smartphone, then you must be aware that it’s a bad idea. Despite of its great optics, the shooter on the iPhone 5S is generations away to capture the night sky along with the celestial bodies effectively. So what can you do if you’re a budding astronomer and don’t want to buy professional equipment? There are a few hacks and trick but they aren’t foolproof. But Japanese company Thanko has come up with the iPhone 5 Astronomical Telescope a 100x zoom telescope with an attachment that lets you fix your iPhone 5 to the telescope to take amazing zoom pictures.

It comes in a kit complete with tripod stand, case, two ocular lenses (SR4mm and H20mm), a 1.5x erecting lens, and a 12x lens. The telescope can be used without the iPhone and its adapter but the product shines when used with to take pictures using the smartphone. Of course, it can also be used for taking close-up pictures of the world around you, so don’t worry if you aren’t remotely interested in astronomy. Check out the comparison between the shots taken with and without the telescope attached to an iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5 Astronomical Telescope is priced at $382 which excludes the $89 for shipping from Japan Trend Shop.

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[Available at Japan-Trend-Shop]

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