Marudai’s bulletproof iPhone case can stop a 50 calibre bullet

I know quite a few people who love their iPhone more than anything else in the world. In fact, it is impossible for these people to bear separation with their favorite gadgets, even for a few seconds. And I think they are the main inspiration behind the creation of the new bulletproof iPhone case! Sure to be usurped by obsessed with their iPhones, this case has been launched by a Japanese firm, Marudai. With an asking price of $650, this case promises to protect your beloved phone should anyone dare to shoot it. And for this price, if you think you are getting complete protection, you are definitely dreaming.

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The case is designed to protect only the backside of your Phone, (so lets hope in the event that your phone does become the target of a gun battle, it’s the backside that is taking all the bullets), and even features a hole for the camera lens which has been drilled into the metal. The front of the camera is protected by a thin sheet of aluminum.
The bulletproof case boasts of an inch thick slab of steel plating which the firm claims can resist a .50 caliber round. The iPhone is first placed into a protective case, then the steel and aluminum case is bolted together around it to secure the handset. What is more, along with the pricey case, the firm is also offering an empty bullet to all buyers.
A tempting offer? You decide.
[Available at Marudai Corp]

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