Fashion Statement Goes Bulletproof Style

Fashion Divas and handsome hunks won’t be caught dead (no pun intended) in drab military-styled vests for bulletproof protection. Designer bullet-resistant clothing is more their style. Feeding their sensibilities is Colombia-based designer Miguel Caballero, whose bullet-resistant clothing line sells in London’s up market Harrods. He dresses actor Steven Seagal and the president of Colombia as well. His line includes polo shirts, blazers, raincoats, and suede jackets for women and men. If you pictured bulk-vests then you’re in for a surprise… Caballero says the attire is light, flexible, and comfortable. Plus some clothes can even deter stab-attacks. There are three levels of protection to choose from; the highest level is claimed to resist shots from 9mm handguns up to mini Uzis.

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The Bulletproof Style statement doesn’t come cheap, some items start at about $2,000, however Time magazine said the clothing can cost as much as $9,800. Miguel Caballero’s line is not yet available in the States.

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