Mobiado CPT002 Aston Martin Concept Phone adds safety to your vehicle

Here is some more dope on the designer smartphone concept CPT002 by Mobiado and Aston Martin that we talked about yesterday. Launching at the BaselWorld, Switzerland, this year, the CPT002 will be more than just a phone; it will also help you control your Aston Martin vehicle remotely. To start with, the CPT002 can help you gain a keyless entry to your Aston Martin automobile. That’s not all; the phone also uses GPS to give your social networking experience a new high. Firstly it uses GPS to inform your friend about your whereabouts and vice versa through FourSquare. A GPS map of the Aston Martin car display will also direct you to parking locations.

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Moreover, integrated cameras will update status messages on Facebook and Twitter with pictures, videos, and information of landmarks on road trips in real-time. If god forbid, an accident occurs, the car’s Airbags will be alerted by accelerometer information from the CPT002 kept in the driver’s pocket. Given the information, the safety measures like airbag sequence, timing, and seatbelt stiffening can be deployed at the right time.

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