Tag Heuer to present a luxurious cell phone soon!

Remember when even owning a cell phone counted as a status symbol? Today phones have become much more than that. Users want cell phones to ooze style, power, and prestige. The luxurious cell phone market is so lucrative that all the best of the world’s brands are venturing into making the most luxurious or rather we say that the costliest mobile. Following D&G and Prada, we now hear that the granddaddy of all sports to lifestyle brands, Tag Heuer – the watch company is teaming up with ModeLabs to introduce “a completely new phone” for moneyed talkers. And if you are wondering who is ModeLabs, then read on. French phone maker ModeLabs makes custom cell phones for various companies including MTV and Virgin Mobile. The Tag phone may probably be made of stainless steel and have many similarities to Tag watches…obviously!

The goal with most of these brand cells like Vertu, Goldvish, Gresso, D&G RAZR and Prada is not to generate a huge amount of sales but to jazz up a brand. If you’re really feeling the spirit, you could always plunk down the credit card for the forthcoming Tag- heuer communication device.

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