Champagne Carbon has crafted a special edition bottle to celebrate Bugatti’s 110th anniversary

Premium champagne maker Carbon is known for its carbon fiber bottles, which can be seen after every Formula 1 race where the drivers celebrate their win by spraying the bubbly on each other on the podium. The brand is continuing to forge more partnerships in the motoring world. After the multi-year deal with Formula 1, Champagne Carbon has signed a contract with Bugatti at the carmakers headquarter in Molshiem, formalizing the partnership between the two French companies. “Bugatti and Champagne Carbon are avant-gardists of their respective industry, translating their know-how achieved through a proud history into an innovative present and future. Striving for perfection is at the core of all our actions, leading us to constantly want to keep pushing our own boundaries,” said Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann.

Champagne Carbon has created a bespoke bottle called the ‘ƎB.01’ celebrating the French automaker’s 110th anniversary in 2019. The champagne is a blend of 90% Chardonnay grapes with 10% pinot noir, made in the same eastern region of France where Bugatti is based. The blend dates back to grapes from 2002, owing to “the perfect weather conditions for good ripeness and flavor concentration” in the region that year. The year is also significant for Bugatti as it denotes the same period when the company was being revived and the work on Veyron had started. There is no word on the pricing, but given the fact that Champagne Carbon’s standard bottles start from around $3,000 the ƎB.01 won’t be cheap.

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