Laduree’s confectionary carriage makes its home in Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s in New York has a sweet treat for its shoppers from Laduree. The french confectioner, known for giving macarons to the world, has parked a beautiful full size carriage on the second floor of Bloomingdale’s. The carriage is filled with chocolates, candles, sweets, small accessories and of course their signature macarons. The opening is on Valentine’s day, and needless to say these fancy goodies can be an ideal gift to your loved one.

Shoppers cannot miss this heavenly delight as it stands amidst the shops at Bloomingdale’s.

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ladureeThe carriage will remain at Bloomingdale’s till April 2nd, and to attract customers to the Laduree pop up Bloomindale’s has created an event posting on Facebook with an illustration of the carriage.

[Via – Racked]

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