An ice bucket made of grape skins is among Perrier-Jouët’s Design Miami 2016 offerings

Grapes are usually used to make wine, but Perrier-Jouët has given them a new and rather innovative use. The champagne house has joined forces with San Francisco-based architect Andrew Kudless to create an ice bucket made up of made from ground Chardonnay skins. The 3D printed ice bucket is a limited edition product and is one of four items created for Design Miami 2016.

The exterior of the bucket references the wrinkled skin of a raisin and the ice bucket reproduces the texture of a grape as it dries. The organic ice bucket has been christened by Marc Metamorphosis.
Other products in the collection are an internally lit table, oak benches, and an installation.

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The benches interlock together and feature robotically-milled oak tops.

The glowing white table has been 3-D printed from bio-plastic.

The Strand Garden installation of three oak veneer screens with curving 8′ strands. They are programmed to light up from within.

“I was interested in the way that strands, fibers, branches, and vines were applied across every aspect of Art Nouveau, from paintings to architecture. The curving strand motif evokes nature and movement over time. I wanted to look at four of Perrier-Jouët’s emblematic materials – wood, chalk, glass, and grapes – and see how I could create strands out of each one,” said Kudless.

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