Joseph Begley’s Slap It lamps are the cheekiest illuminators around!

London based designer Joseph Begley is in the news for offering a new and rather cheeky take on quirky lighting. Intended for those who love a bit of tongue in cheek humor, Begley’s unique “Slap It” Butt lamps are quite hilarious once you get past your initial surprise. Made from natural silicone, these rump shaped tactile lamps contain pressure sensors, causing them to light up when touched! And they are equally receptive to a good slap or squeeze!

Available in a range of colors like white, red, blue, cyan, green, magenta, yellow, and orange, this highly unusual and daring light promises to be quite the talking point at your next dinner party. Talking of his motivation in creating this funny take on anatomy Begley said,”As a designer I aim to push and to test the boundaries of interaction, between objects and their users; I like to communicate playfulness and humor within my work.” Well if humor was the objective, the illuminated rears have certainly tickled our funny bones!

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While you may be debating the wisdom of having the bootylicious behinds lighting up your hallways, Petit Bisous , a lingerie boutique in London has already boasted this cheeky lighting (pun completely intended!). Joseph Begley’s Slap It lamps are available for $1,167 or £700 at his store on Big Cartel. If you’re a fan of innovative lighting, the Slap It lamp will fit right into your collection between the vintage Coca Cola Lamp and graphic alpha numeric lights.

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[Available at Joseph-Begley]

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