Just when you think you have seen it all – I give you a $200 carbon fiber power socket

Here at LL, we’ve had many discussions about carbon fiber and its current ubiquity in the homeware. From toilets and bathtubs to cash clips and watches, carbon fiber is everywhere! The material is lightweight and durable so it seems to have many uses, even in a power socket!

For the homeowner who finds plastic too pedestrian, Alvarae has introduced a carbon fiber power socket with USB. Created in partnership with Winon – an award-winning company that own the design patent for 20 countries, the socket incorporates carbon fiber into the faceplate to create what Alvarae calls an organic shape with a modern appeal.

Is it a huge upgrade over, normal plastic sockets? Probably not. But you’re a carbon fiber enthusiast so you probably don’t care. The Carbon fiber socket is priced at $200 and is available in the UK, US, Japan, and Australia.

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[Available at:Alvarae]

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