Tom Dixon unveils new marble collection inspired by Indian art

Tom Dixon is not one to shy away from the use of natural materials in his creations. After working with clay, metal and the likes, the British designer has now woven his magic into the marble with a fascinating new collection. The ensemble comprises of candle holders, serving platters and a giant dumbbell, and is largely inspired by Dixon’s visits to India.

The items in the ‘Rock Collection’, as it is called are made from dark green marble covered in a web of irregular brown seams. The unusual material is sourced from India with the designs being stirred from the work of special hand lathe artisans in the country. The collection is put out entirely by hand and consists of two different sizes of stackable candleholders, three different shaped chopping boards and serving platters with grooved surfaces, and a playful dumbbell-shaped showpiece. Furthermore, the pattern and texture of each piece in the collection is entirely unique, depending on the block of marble it has been carved from.

The exotic marble assortment is touted by Dixon as “a collection of interactive, playful and stackable sculptures, which act as architecture for your dining table.” The brand has also produced stackable marble bathroom accessories in the past with several of Dixon’s architectural designs also being inspired by and incorporated with marble elements. The Rock collection is currently available for sale at Tom Dixon’s Flagship Shop in King’s Cross, London.


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