$50,000 a night in the world’s first pop-up hotel

A one- of- a- kind “pop-up” hotel has ‘popped’ up in the city of Denver. As the name suggests, the five-foot-by-seven-foot “hotel” sits atop a van, supported by a scissor lift. Touted the ‘Hotel Rehearsal’ by makers, Curtis hotel, the puffy pop-up is open for opportunists seeking this limited- duration rehearsal. One would benefit from sitting atop a safe before they sign up, though, as a single night in the Curtis-creation costs a considerable $50,000 sum.

Crafted first, for an Arts festival by architect Alex Schweder, the hotel is perched 22 feet in the air and offers not just a whole different view but a whole new perspective as you peek at everything, popped up. Schweder, who spent two nights in his own creation, said he spent most of his time star- gazing and beautifully adds, “The thing you shouldn’t forget in your suitcase is your imagination.”

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And why should you, there is not much else you can carry anyway! The aluminum- vinyl miniature- marvel already comes with a couch and curtains as well as a chemical toilet, an inflatable bed, shower, and sink. No room for alcohol in there either (read: not permitted).

However, what IS there is a chance to bring back the 60s with The Lloyd in the Sky with Diamonds package, and here’s how:
Riding from the airport transportation in a cocktail- stocked limousine, being welcomed by personal, “impersonator” Jon, Paul, Sunny and Cher, transporting back to the 60s with in-room amenities like scarves, brownies, and bell-bottoms, brunching with a friend over bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys at The Corner Office Restaurant & Martini Bar, Taking home not one, but two iPod Nanos pre-loaded with the sounds of the 60s, throwing a 60s themed party at Lloyd’s Studio 54 lounge in the Four Square Ballroom. Guest can also spend an afternoon with a personal shopper to shop for the perfect party ensemble, inspired by the awesome decade, gaze out from the Hotel Rehearsal with Swarovski binoculars, star- gaze using an i-pad mini that comes complete with a StarGazer app to identify all of the constellations you see and don the Tiffany diamond pendant and earring set.

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All the above comes in the $50, 000 Flower Power package. And while one would agree with Curtis on how the hotel’s latest outing (no pun intended) would help everyone see Denver in a different way, we may as well conclude the hotel would help anyone see everything in a different way (a bit of a tongue- twister there, much in lieu of pleasingly twisted pop- up hotel). So, may the flower- power be with you!

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[Via – Nydailynews and Thecurtis]