Bearfire Resort – a ski resort all round the year

You no longer need to wait for chilly months to go skiing. The Bearfire Resort, Texas, is gearing up to offer a ski resort complete with ski tracks, snowboard park, snowball caverns, ice rafts, climbing walls, and bobsleds all round the year. No, I am not mistaken. The resort is actually planning to set up a 250-foot artificial mountain and 650,000 square feet of skiing area. This beautiful award-winning hotel will feature a contemporary look and feel, bringing the outdoors in with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which provide spectacular views of the towering glacier wall, waterfalls, and natural pools. The gondolas will travel in and out of the uppermost level of the hotel tower, slicing directly through an ice crevasse of the glacier wall, skims the glacial lagoon at the top of the ice flow, and looms high above the skiers below before settling into the gondola station at the mountain peak. Unlike other manmade ski resorts, however, the engineers at Bearfire Resort won’t be making snow in the traditional way. Instead, the creators of Bearfire plan to introduce an entirely different type of snow that is actually made from a patented, lubricated plastic known as Snowflex.

Bearfire Resort, America’s first year-round outdoor ski, and snowboard park is scheduled to open in the fall of 2009. The project is located within close proximity to the Dallas and Fort Worth area within easy access to the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, between the Alliance Airport and Texas Motor Speedway.

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