Can this by New York city’s most instagrammable hotel room?

Be jealous of New Yorkers who have had a wonderful time at “HoJo’s Sweet Escape”. Don’t know what that is; let’s spill the sweet beans on this. Howard Johnson by Wyndham took over a hotel in New York and converted it into candy land by bringing in 450 pounds of candy (including 80,000 M&Ms and 4,125 feet of sour tape) to create the first-ever all-candy hotel room. Don’t be impressed just yet; there is more sweetness in store to make you feel sour. There’s lollipop-themed wallpaper, jelly beans, licorice, and even a swimming pool filled with more than 30,000 “marshmallows.” The immersive two-day event (August 22-23) was held to show off the brand’s largest design refresh in more than 25 years. The colour scheme is used as the brand’s signature orange-and-turquoise colour scheme. Howard Johnson’s $40 million renovation project will roll out to over 200 Howard Johnson properties across the U.S. and Canada.

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This seems like a great idea to pull in younger crowds who enjoy pop-ups and experiential events and it competes with digital disruptors like Airbnb. We dig the idea of getting the big ‘gums’ out!

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