Shangri-La hotels and resorts to use VR headsets to lure travellers

A stay at a luxury hotel is a multi layered experience which include the hospitality, location, the facilities and the people. In a bit move to away from the traditional methods of wooing travelers, Shangri-La hotels and resorts will now be using ‘Virtual Reality’ the next best thing than staying at one of their 94 properties. Using Samsung VR headsets, yes, we are hearing a lot about them recently, one can experience the destination or a hotel in a very rich and immersive experience. Strap on the VR headset and viewers can experience 360 degree videos ranging from a car transfer in the Chinese countryside, to experiencing a serene view from the room in Lhasa, to staying in a presidential suite and a lot more. The list is endless, currently Shangri-La is developing content for each of its properties which would be then offered to travel agent, meeting planners and eventually travelers.

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“Travel experts play a critical role in their fields and the traveller’s decision-making process. This is why our first VR efforts are focused on them,” said Stephen Taylor (the brands CMO). “Their clients depend on them to ensure holidays, business trips and meetings are enjoyable and effective. Shangri-La’s VR experiences will enhance their knowledge about our hotels and their ability to sell with confidence to their clients.” It is worth noting that this experience will be offered on one of the first generation VR devices, as the devices evolve the experiences offered will be even more immersive and maybe try to captivate other senses as well.
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