Create the ring of your dreams with the new iPad App from De Beers

De Beers, who famously crowned ‘A Diamond Is Forever’, have cut themselves another ticket to fame. And a tech-savvy one at that! The jeweler has created an in-store iPad application to help patrons obtain the perfect engagement rings. Christened “For You, Forever,” the app was designed in collaboration with mobile specialist Somo in an attempt to promote its bespoke options.

“The iPad app provides an efficient and interactive platform for the client to create their unique engagement ring, allowing them to browse with our brand ambassadors to discover the diamond that is perfect for them,” said François Delage, CEO of De Beers Diamond Jewelers, London. “From the app, the brand ambassador can submit an order within minutes, ensuring a quick and premium service.” The service in question starts with consumers comparing diamonds and settings while shopping for the perfect engagement ring.

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It allows in-store clients to find the perfect diamond for them, be it according to a specific budget or given carat weight, color or clarity, even. “For You, Forever includes 10 of our most treasured styles, allowing the client to select their favorite design and combine it with the diamond of their choice.” The exclusive De Beers technology, Iris, allows clients to see inside their diamond, has already garnered much appreciation. Each Round Brilliant diamond features its own Iris video to elevate the selection experience.

So, here’s how this will work. With the help of a De Beers sales associate, the consumer could use the app to select specific elements of the ring, such as diamond shape and setting. All diamonds featured in the app come selected by The De Beers Institute of Diamonds. An associate will then use the app during personal consultations to help the consumer attain a better understanding of their requirement and narrow down the selection. Once a ring is picked, the consumer will get an original drawing of it and the design’s inspiration.

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The brand hopes that the sassy service will lead to stronger ties between customers and De Beers associates, resulting in repeat visits, besides gaining popularity off of its own genius. The application features 2,000 diamonds, which are available in fancy cuts or round brilliants.

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