John Calleija teams up with Aston Martin for a limited edition One-77 jewelry collection

British car manufacturer Aston Martin’s One-77 coupe has undoubtedly been one of the greatest supercars of all times. With the most advanced technology, design and standards of construction, the two-door sports car became the fastest Aston Martin ever when it reached 220.007 MPH. Even though there was a limited run of only 77 units (which were sold within no time), the supercar’s distinctive design has been in and around in the inspirational form for luxury bikes, mobile devices, object of time and even bottle coolers. Taking design cues from the supercar’s carbon fibre monocoque chasis and handcrafted aluminum body, Australian jeweler John Calleija has released a limited edition jewelry collection in which each design will be made into 77 pieces.

aston-martin-one-77-jewelry-2Each of the 77 pieces in the collection has been hand designed by John himself under the guidance of Aston Martin Design Director Marek Reichman. “One-77 vehicle uniquely combines engineering flair with the finest craftsmanship and is a spectacular fusion of high technology and time honored tradition,” says John. “Calleija’s true passion is bespoke, handmade and individually created works of jewelry with the finest design and dedication to detail, that’s the very essence of our association.”

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aston-martin-one-77-jewelry-5The star attraction of the jewelry collection is the new cut of gemstone titled ASTAR based on the iconic front grille of the Aston Martin. This unique and completely new gemstone cut features throughout the collection; each one hand crafted and as special and unique as the cars themselves. The collection is also available for men featuring sterling silver cufflinks and gentleman’s rings.

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aston-martin-one-77-jewelry-9These exclusive jewelry pieces cost anywhere between $1,190 for the Blue Topaz and sterling silver cufflinks to the $395,500 for Aria necklace crafted with Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds.

[Available at Calleija]