Herman Miller’s Wireframe Sofa Group makes lounging around much easier

Adding to its already extensive repertoire of fine furniture is Herman Miller with its Wireframe Sofa Group. Designed exclusively by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of London based Industrial Facility, the sofas are the epitome of modern minimalism – clean, crisp and chic. Due to the fact that the sofas are made using durable steel wire they are also light and easy-to-move. Additionally, the separation of the frame from the upholstery makes maintenance and cleaning of the sofa extremely feasible. What sets these Wireframe Sofas apart however, is their exclusive use of the suspension technology developed by Herman Miller itself. It is this very technology that ensures that the sofas are uber comfortable and versatile.

herman-miller-wireframe-5Describing Industrial Facility’s vision for the Wireframe Sofas, Sam Hecht said, “We wanted something that was visually light, that spoke of the contemporary conditions of moving a sofa from one position to another, and having to pass it through a small door frame.” He further explains, “These conditions may seem strange as inspirational starting points, but from them grew the idea of a wired frame that contains its cushions in a manner that feels comfortable to the eye as well as the body.”

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herman-miller-wireframe-3All the Wireframe Sofas have black and white frames along with cushion upholstery using Herman Miller Collection fabrics. The limited yet unique range consists of a 2-seater (Rs. 3,40,000 onwards), a 3-seater (Rs. 4,00,000), a lounge chair (Rs. 2,50,000 onwards) and an ottoman.







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