Keeping the winter dryness at bay with L’Occitane

Mumbai Winters – it’s a term that has grown to become a term that triggers debate and mirth in equal proportions. And this is simply because of the nature of winter in India’s most famous coastal city. The temperature rarely drops below 20-degrees Celcius, and the nice folks hardly get to don their winterwear. In fact, winter wear is often purchased for travels outside the city. However, this faux ‘Canadian summer’ that enjoy here doesn’t come without its effects on the skin. Being a humid region, winter sees a tremendous drop in temperatures, which impacts skin healthy, sometimes, rather adversely. 

While we do not want to deny ourselves a winter morning run or a drive across the Queen’s necklace in an open-roof car, it pays to take a few precautions and special skincare during these months. L’Occitane makes the entire regime a lot more endurable and enjoyable as well, with their exclusive winter skincare rituals. One must note, that these should be complemented with Vitamin-rich foods and ample hydration for best results.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream – Rs 3,290
The first thing you want to get into your self-care rituals is a body cream that pampers and nurtures your body’s largest organ. When cracks and dryness sets in, you need to balance out the moisturizing power of nutrients that calm the skin on the outside, while your diet manages your hydration. The Shea Butter Ultra Rich body cream by L’Occitane contains 25 percent shea butter which creates a protective layer over your skin, retaining its moisture and making you feel good, all day long. It also contains apricot oil, linseed, marshmallow, sweet almond, and honey, which gives it its distinct scent, makes it an ideal moisturizer,and manages all of this without making you feel greasy and slippery after it is applied.

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L’Occitane Shea Hands and Body Ultra-Rich Wash – Rs 1,750
Another key cause for dryness of the skin is the use of soaps and other cleansing agents that are counter-productive to moisturizing. L’Occitane’s hands and body wash does a fine job in ensuring that your skin feels soft and supple. The cream foams softly and is doused in the smell of shea which works just as well on your senses too. To apply the body wash, simply wet your hands and extract a dollop on your palm, massage it on your body or hands, and rinse it thoroughly. The key ingredients of the ultra-rich wash include Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sunflower Seed Oil, (Shea) Butter Extract, among other moisturizing agents.

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L’Occitane Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner – Rs 4,150
While the skin on the rest of your body is rejuvenated and moisturized, your scalp and hair also require the care they deserve. L’Occitane’s repairing shampoo and conditioner combine to revitalize your hair during the winter months, when it may seem dry and brittle. The shampoo works from the root to the tip, making the hair seem radiant and soft. It employs a silicone-free formula that combines oat amino acid and a patented anti-breakage complex of five essential oils. Simply wet your hair and gently apply the shampoo before The conditioner further fortifies the hair from root to tip, making it three times stronger and repairing split ends more effectively. With the help of Provitamin B5, it protects and beautifies the hair effectively, resulting in silky and smooth hair. 

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