La Folie has introduced limited-edition premium dark chocolate thins

Nothing like some chocolate indulgence! And catering just that for you is La Folie with its recently introduced limited-edition premium dark chocolate thins. The special assortment is made from the finest cacao beans and was launched on World Chocolate Day i.e., 07.07.22.

Titled Cacao Origins, the premium collection of single-origin chocolate thins is created by Chef Sanjana Patel and aims to offer chocolate connoisseurs the opportunity, to taste not only the terroir but also the characteristics of the cacao harvest.

Commenting on it, Chef Patel in a statement said, “The term ‘Origin’ is not just a concept, it’s a guiding philosophy to our savoir-faire. We work closely with the producers so that we can be confident about sharing some of the best and most distinctive cocoa.”

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To bring the thins to the table, the team worked with cacao producers from various regions who grew, fermented, and dried the beans to bring the most distinctive flavor nuances to the collection. Specifically, the assortment contains Gran Nativo Blanco, which originates from the San Juan de Bigotes in Peru, South America, MAVA Antsamala from Sambirano Valley in Madagascar, Africa, and Idukki Cacao from Southern Kerala, India.

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Much like wine, the cacao’s terroir defines the taste of the chocolates. While the Gran Nativo Blanco brings hints of passion fruit and floral notes, the Mava Antsamala boasts spicy, woody, and nutty flavors, with delicate floral hints. Similarly, the Indian-origin cacao offers the fresh acidity of green apple, vibrant berries, dried raisins, and pleasant spicy hints of black pepper.

Chocolate lovers, you don’t want to miss out on this one!

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