Obagi ropes in Priyanka Chopra as brand ambassador for their first-ever advertising campaign

Priyanka Chopra’s go to skincare brand is Obagi and we are in support of her choice. The American brand is one of the few brands that supports and promotes diversity instead of encouraging correcting and preventing measures. Obagi is all for a varied colour tone palette instead of the regular mantra other brands follow: fair and white skin.

Now, the Indian actress has been roped in as the face of Obagi, an inspiring move for women of colour. It’s rather interesting; over the years the beauty industry has witnessed a mature upward graph when it comes to accepting and creating concoctions for women of colour.

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Chopra says one of the reasons she trusts Obagi is because, “Each individual product has been tried and tested on all six Fitzpatrick skin types, as opposed to just one particular skin type. That makes you feel included.”

What is the Fitzpatrick Scale? A numerical classification system that gauges how each skin tone responds to UV light. Obagi has been using it for the past 30 years to develop its products. Finally, the brand has stepped into the limelight with Chopra as the face of their advertising campaign. Obagi formerly relied on word of mouth as its advertising strategy.

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