Staying at the top of the ‘work from home’ game with Kiehl’s grooming essentials

When you come to think of it, you wonder how uncomfortable it would make some of us imagine a world where everyone didn’t work from home. Where we’d wake up with half a mind on the things to be done at the office and the other half tensing about rush-hour traffic. Of course, self-grooming was simply a function of muscle memory then – little rituals that would form a neat and incorruptible template of things to be done. And then the lockdown happened. 

Today, our facetime with colleagues, friends, and even relatives is what we present before a screen. This little rectangular window is what you’re judged by, leading to questions of your wellbeing and sometimes, even compliments. Being presentable is necessary but looking refreshed and hearty works a magical charm on the rest of the participants in the meeting. Keihl’s offers some rather effective products that can keep your sunshine smile as infectious as it has ever been, even when you’re working from home. Here are some – 

Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment – Rs 2,100
There’s nothing like showing up fully charged and ready to veer ahead on an 8 am Zoom meeting. The infectious effect it has on the other drowsy heads in underrated. This is something you can achieve with Keihl’s energizing moisturizer that packs Vitamins C and E, along with chestnut extract for moisturizing and caffeine to increase circulation and reduce puffiness. It is packed with antioxidants that work on your skin, moisturizing it as you continue working in a fully air-conditioned room, without stepping out. It works effectively on flaky and rough skin. It’s also oil-free, which makes it less sticky than other moisturizers.  

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Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub – Rs 2,500
They say your day is defined by your experiences in the morning. And the first thing you do is to step under the shower. That’s where the exfoliating scrub by Keihl’s comes in. it is enriched with exfoliating Apricot Seed particles that remove dead skin cells without over-drying the skin. It is available in three fragrances – Grapefruit, Coriander, and Lavender. The scrub works well with all skin types and works best when applied with slow, circular motions. It leaves you with a feeling of readiness to face the day. If you’re into intense home workouts, then it’s a great cleanser for post-workout grime as well. 

Ultimate Strength Hand Salve – Rs 1,100 
Of course, you have to sanitize your hands whenever you come back home or come in contact with anything or anyone from outside. But that shouldn’t mean that you let the alcohol dry your palms up. Keihl’s brings to you its Ultimate Strength Hand Salve that moisturizes your hands so that they feel soft and bearable, even after regular sanitization. It is formulated with thick Avocado Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Sesame Seed Oil, which draws and absorbs water from the air to give your hands a glove-like protective barrier against moisture loss. It is essential because typing is simply everything. 

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Midnight Recovery Eye – Rs 2,950
All those hours of staring into the glare of screens are going to do your eyes no good. The good folks at Keihl’s have you covered on that front too, with the Midnight Recovery Eye cream. It’s great for tired eyes and is recommended to be used at night before you finally call it a day. It contains an infusion of Butcher’s Broom Extract, Lavender Essential Oil, and Evening Primrose Oil that restore and smoothen the eye area. It manages to reduce your puffiness and dark circles so that you aren’t left looking beat on Zoom calls. 

Available online and offline at Kiehls.

Note – The review products were provided by Kiehl’s but all the opinions expressed herewith are my own.

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