An app for rich brats to share their photos with the world for just $1,000 a month!

The recently launched ‘Rich Kids’ (self) proclaims to be the most exclusive social network globally and is doing everything under the sun to stand true to the proclamation. However, this isn’t just any social network – it is one that shouts out opulence, condescension, and barrels of moolah. The portal’s objective is to create an unblemished platform that sings – The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Although anyone can register for the service free by using their Facebook credentials, actual content-sharing on the app is an exclusive right open to only the filthy rich who have no qualms squandering $1,000 monthly towards the so-called ‘privileged’ membership.

But why pay for something that everyone can see anyway? Rich Kids says that since most social platforms are open to all, there’s no exclusivity really, making it difficult for them to stand out from the crowd. So Rich Kids puts the wealthy up on a pedestal and gives them the glory they apparently “deserve” by virtue of them being loaded – a virtue that makes it almost impossible for others to afford this ridiculous show of money. So, without being able to post, the less fortunate can only marvel from a distance at the pompous drama of wealth by premium members. Look but don’t touch, the platform seems to warn the poor. And their mission statement corroborates this.

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What is even more appalling is the straight face with which Rich Kids justifies the monetization of the platform as a charity. CEO Juraj Ivan claims that one-third of the (senselessly overpriced) membership will go towards poor kids’ education. An unashamed display of wealth and luxury dedicated to the betterment of the underprivileged, packaged as benevolence – Hello oxymoron!

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The celebrity list on Rich Kids includes legendary fashion designer Roberto Cavalli’s son; 25-year old Dor Bukobza, an Israeli skincare king who claims his shoes are priced more than his friends’ cars; and Ukrainian socialite Julia Stakhiva who says that she is ‘too beautiful to work’. Catch the drift?

Intrigued? Check and be punched in the face by, ‘Being rich is boring when nobody sees you’. This is where spoilt brats and snobs officially show off. But what they probably don’t know is that any social network without a devoted user base comes with an expiry date. So hurry, before this meaningless concept fades to black.


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