China’s latest luxury indulgence is American surrogate mothers

How would you like your eggs? Tall blonde or ethnically Chinese? These are the questions being asked to Chinese couples leaning to America for surrogacy. Well-heeled Chinese are saying nay to infertility woes and ‘ni hao’ to biracial babies. With a dash of an Ivy League degree, if you will! “Clients believe these taller, biracial children will be smarter and better looking,” writes Reuters’ Alexandra Harney. So, after travel and even endangered species, the Chinese have found a way to splurge on yet another kind of luxury.

China may be a Mandarin land of surrogate sources aplenty, but their law largely prohibits the permissibility of surrogacy. And ways around the legal system, while some, are deemed too devious by many. Enter America! The land of possibilities makes it possible for the Chinese elite to design their baby overseas, a far cry from the situation in their own country, even if at a much higher price than their own nation’s black market-ry. After all, this baby is green card-worthy!

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Under the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, anyone born in the country has a right to citizenship, and upon turning 21, s/he can apply for green cards for her/his parents. Reason enough to tempt even those with no cause for infertility. If you consider the cost, not to mention the toil of obtaining an EB-5 visa, which demands a minimum investment of $500,000 in a job-creating business, surrogacy still comes discounted at $120,000. And along comes attached the American dream! But if that isn’t the dream and just a designer baby, a celebrity sperm donor service guarantees a star surrogate daddy!

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