Gundam Fix Platinum for $250,000

Here’s another solid motive for the folks who are bestowed with ‘a bit’ of extra kismet with regards to monetary prosperity. Who else would think of inquiring the price of the Gundam figurine in pure platinum (pt10000), measuring 125mm, and weighing 1.4kg? and priced at an equally Gundam $250,000. Furthermore, a 0.15 ct. diamond was used on the figure’s head to accentuate the glittering platinum. Scheduled to be exhibited at the Baselworld 2007 in Switzerland, this pure-platinum Mobile Suit Gundam figure, got its start when Bandai (toymaker) made a proposal to GINZA TANAKA (a well-established name in the jewelry business) about a new project utilizing the characters. This joint effort is the result of GINZA TANAKA’s desire to create new value in its platinum jewelry business and Bandai’s desire to gain more exposure around the world for the Gundam characters.

In creating the figure, Bandai relied on the art direction of Hajime Katoki, a designer who has been on the front line of the Gundam model design. GUNDAM FIX PLATINUM has been reproduced in an elaborate 89-part design, a feat never before achieved in pure platinum. The entire process took some two years from design to manufacture. However, this work of art was not created for retail purposes. Sorry to trigger off your ‘luxurious spending cravings’.

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